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Step up as a Volunteer
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Serving Community

Our mission is to build and support a resilient and sustainable community of active citizens who can take part in various activities that help the spread of History and Culture of East-West Panjab

Becoming a One Panjab volunteer is a great way to join a group of like-minded people who just can't get enough of One Panjab Culture and  history. The One Panjab Museum Library and Research Center offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities including:

  • Assisting with cataloguing books and other documentary collections in the Library.

  • Helping out in specialty departments including the One Panjab Photo Archives

  • Volunteering at special events.

  • Researching on one or more topic and create a research paper for the same.

  • Preparing educational programs and working with school groups.

  • Helping out with administration and other services.

  • Filming and photographing live events and working on AV, multimedia, and web projects. 

Some volunteer assignments require special training which will be provided by the One Panjab Team. To find out more, please contact us via email at: 


Manager: Fundraising

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Volunteer: Cultural & Historical Research

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Team Lead: Family Stories Documentation

Become a Friend of Panjab History 

Friends of History is a membership support group through the One Panjab Library. Its mission is to raise public awareness, Cultural Literacy, Social media presence and funds and  for exhibitions and programs at One Panjab Research Center.

Friends of History currently fulfils its mission through sharing your family's history or knowledge about some other less known memory from the pre-partition days. Help is document these on our One Panjab YouTube channel so anyone can view recordings of past videos.


Members may also want to consider joining the Friends of Panjab History steering committee. This leadership group offers a unique opportunity for members to share their knowledge and creativity in planning new history and culture related activities while enjoying creating a bond with other aficionados and Panjab culture's enthusiasts. To find out more, please contact us via email at: 

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