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Consider Making a Donation


Donate to the Online Collections of the Library

The One Panjab Library is always looking for books, articles, PhD thesis, official or family related documents, objects, and photographs to complement our existing collections. If you have something you think might be a good addition, please contact our collections department. A curator will contact you to talk about your potential donation. Final decisions regarding acceptance of donations for museum collections rests with the One Panjab Collections committee. If you have an actual item you would like to donate we can connect you with the appropriate museums. 


Financial Contributions

Many  donors have helped us advance our mission. You can be part of that tradition by making a contribution of any amount. You can also sponsor Fellowships, Internships, or an Event. For monetary and Event sponsorships contact us at:  or Contact: 7210929043

Donate Books

For just ₹ 2500/- you can donate a set of 5 to 7 books and help preserve the history of the Panjab. You can directly go to Amazon or any online store and consult our librarian on which books are remaining to be bought and please send it directly to the One Panjab Research Center Sikanderpur.

Sponsor an Internship or a Fellowship

Support a researcher in the field of cultural, social, historical, and agricultural research by sponsoring or co-sponsoring a Grant. (Grants start from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 35, 000). You can either sponsor one or more research or suggest your own research topic for grant then your request will be sent to the grant approval committee who will interview and finally choose the appropriate research person from the pool of applicants. The sponsors will have options to pay the interns and fellowship grantees directly.

Help in organizing, financing or co-financing trainings, seminars, conferences, lectures, workshops, courses, meetings, symposia, and informational activities aimed at developing and promoting activities supporting the One Panjab project. Assist in cooperation with self-government bodies, state bodies, to promote the goals of the project. For sponsoring an Internship and Fellowship contact us at:  or Contact: 7210929043

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