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Research & Resource Center

Create an online research & resource center with carefully curated and chosen information of Panjabi cultural artifacts of all types with the aim to share this valuable information with the seeker of Panjabiyat.


The resource center will be a physical space, the kind usually attached to a university library. There will desks which can be booked in advance be researchers to come and do their research in a nice and quiet area. The research center will house all kinds of documents and artifacts pertaining to Panjab. Along with around 5000 books for loaning to the members.

The Resource Center will contain:

  • Books/eBooks

  • Teach yourself Courses

  • Dictionaries

  • Magazines (from Pakistan, India and other parts of the world)

  • PDF research papers

  • Art images

  • PhD thesis files

  • News

  • Films

  • Free Online Resources

While there are so much information and resources on the web our librarian has organized these very resources (YouTube, PDF files, Thesis or Other websites and online/offline magazines) will be listed out.

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