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The One-Panjab Manifesto

For decades, Indians and Pakistanis – specially Panjabis, have been partially deprived of a culture that they should have had the liberty to naturally inherit, live, experience and enjoy. In short, many of them have not been made aware or given full and true access to their own Panjabiyat. Often a single contact with another Panjabi from across the border or an introduction to a heart-warming song or piece of literature can trigger this longing for a deeper connection.

What is Panjabiyat?

Punjabiyat means "Punjabiness" and is the rediscovering and revitalization of the Punjabi spirit and its rich language, history and culture, Panjabiyat is completely irrespective of country, race or religion.


By nature Panjabis are not a people to exclude anyone from sharing their warmth and culture. Most Panjabis truly believe that Panjabis and humanity at large have had enough of divisions and partitions, and the world needs more unifications, reconciliations and bridges.


Through the ages Panjabis have shown how they have co-existed peacefully and their open, warm welcoming hearts is also a key characteristic of Panjabiyat. It is no surprise that it is this region that gave birth to a major world religion, a kind of spiritual bridging of humanity, based upon the Panjabi principles of sharing and deep caring and respect for all.

The Panjabiyat Manifesto
  • To recognize Panjabiness’ uniqueness, as distinct from description popular narratives, which are stifling, superficial and do injustice to this region’s local people.

  • To reconnect all Panjabis of their extremely rich Panjabi culture, this Panjabiyat, their natural virasat, irrespective of their country, religion, vocation or current location.

  • To support and enable the start of a journey of discovery of Panjabiyat.

  • A journey towards Panjabiyat which is embedded like a Kohinoor jewel in each Panjabi’s soul.

  • To recognize and celebrate Panjabis’ common characteristics, heritage, upbeat zeal, and love for their own language and the Panjabi speaking people.

  • To promote the Panjabi’s natural love of all humanity and openness to different cultures and new ideas.

  • To bring Panjabi speaking groups, whether in Pakistan or India, together with a focus on the promotion and further growth of a shared cultural heritage.

  • To help Panjabis shed aside their post-partition divisive perspectives and help bring Muslim, Hindu and Sikh and Christian Panjabis together to recognize their common heritage and become a role model for the world on how to co-exist in harmony. (Appreciation of culture and the arts definitely encourages this harmony).

  • Create opportunities to connect with Panjab’s undivided culture via a library (physical and online), short courses, symposiums and a quarterly magazine (print and online)

  • The core aim is to take Panjabiyat in general and in interested Panjabis or other Panjabi files to the next natural level of Panjabiyat.

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