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Explore your creative talents, develop strong cultural knowledge, communication skills and gain experience on exciting projects with the One Panjab internships.

Uniting two cultures, however similar, is not easy when the political rhetoric has been negative and divisive for seven decades.  Simply put: Uniting is difficult; dividing is easy. Therefore, contributing to this cultural unification and growth of the people from both sides of the border is where interns, curators and story tellers can contribute – each in their own manner while exploring their own potential.

Any level of involvement gives the One Panjab volunteer a chance to work with a diverse group of dedicated, intelligent, and culture-centric people from all walks of life. Working with us on our project goals you will learn, be mentored, and in turn contribute to the One Panjab project. We guarantee you that it will be a life changing and a great learning experience for you.

Whether you’re looking for Historical…. & Culture internships as a college student, high school or  graduates; these internship programs can be customized to meet your academic requirements or career goals. Discover our diverse range of creative internships to match your desired career field or academic discipline... SEE BELOW


We welcome in various departments, specially Arts who are interested in History of Undivided Punjab and can help us in document, not only the partitioned witness by many survivors but also other story of the children and Grand- children of the stories of un-divided Punjab and he culture which is being lost everyday. Chosen Candidates will initially work around Chandigarh and other rural areas and travel expense and suitable stipend will be paid to the deserving candidate. Please apply on

Job Description:
Engage with and conduct oral history interviews with Partition witnesses.
Travel to rural locations, both urban and rural; meet intriguing people.
Maintain communications with interviewees; manage scheduling, answer questions, etc.
Manage post interview paperwork, oral history data and online material submission.
Engage in public outreach.
Applicant must be currently enrolled or graduated up to two years ago.

Job Requirements:
Strong oral and written communication skills.
Ability to interview subjects of diverse backgrounds.
Proficiency with internet usage and access to reliable internet.
Documentation skills including basic video skills.
Experience managing databases (such as Excel).
Language skills appropriate to geography.
Ability to work and travel independently.
A passion for preserving stories from your region.
Collect a total of 24 interviews (4 per week).


We invite applications for a position for a research scholar/assistance intern in the area of literary

criticism and comparative literature of the Undivided Panjab.

Deadline for Application: 30th August 2021

Intern's day-to-day responsibilities include:
1. Assisting in research and supporting the design of syllabus for online courses
2. Helping in setting up the One Panjab library in Gurgaon and Chandigarh
3. Maintaining the data of the online presence of the institute's achievements and activities

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