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Research Grants

Baba Bulleh Shah Fellowships

Apply for various paid fellowships in the field of cultural, social, historical and agricultural research. You can apply for researches on the topic already listed on One Panjab website or suggest your own research topic. All applications for fellowships and internships will be reviewed by One Panjab research committee headed by Dr. Gurminder Singh and Dr. Frances Levine.
You can apply for grants in the topics of your interest relevant to the "research aim" of our project by emailing us on the following emails.



Research Grant Topics 

  • Common Folk tales of Panjab.

  • ​History of Museums of Panjab.

  • Farid Shaker-Ganj: The first Panjabi Poet.

  • Co-existence of various languages in Panjab.

  • History of horses and horses riding in Panjab.

  • Farmer protest in Panjab since the Mughal times.

  • History, legacy and evolution of drama in Panjab.

  • Archaeological research project (15th century to 17th century). 

  • The influence of Persian & Sufi poetry on the poets of Panjab.​

  • The role of Royal ladies who contributed to society building in Panjab.

  • The role of Panjabis from Pakistan Punjab who contributed to Bollywood.

  • The role of women writers in shaping the culture and literature of Panjab.

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