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Farm Law Protest

Farmers observe ‘black day’ to mark 6 months of protests against farm laws

On 26th November, farmers from Punjab gave call to march towards Delhi against the three black laws passed amidst Pandemic.

There was ongoing protests in Panjab, mostly visibly in Mansa area ever since the center passed three black farm laws. After numerous protests and tractor rallies in Panjab the farmers of Panjab unanimously decided to go to Delhi.

Meanwhile, duties were allotted by all Jathebandis to aware every household in Panjab about the adverse affect of farm laws on their posterity.

The roads to Delhi were blocked by heavy boulders by Delhi police. Also in many places the roads were even dug up to 15 feet to stop farmers from crossing border.

In Shambhu-border there were numerous accounts of lathi-charge and tear gas bombardment on farmers.

None of which could stop farmers from crossing borders. Younger farm sons lifted the boulders by there tractor, refilled the dug up roads and braved through lathi-charge, water canons and tear gas bombardments.

It was on reaching Delhi borders that government decided they now enter Delhi and protest in Burari Maidan. Farm leaders knew what this meant for the protest. Burari Maidan was already surrounded from all sides by Delhi police and protesting there would have meant to become isolated and secluded under the surveillance of Delhi police.

Which is why Panjab farmers decided to rather surround Delhi and protest at its border.

Which is why we see protestors sitting for 6 months now on Singhu border, Tikri border, Shahajahapur border and Ghaziabad border.

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