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Lost Empathy

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Acrimonious partition,

Unbridled pain,

Disastrous consequences,

Cacophonous voices,

Desperate screams,

Anguished cries,

Horrific killings,

Tormented souls ,

Misery galore,

Deserted women,

Orphaned children,

Sorrowful eyes,

Agonized memories,

Pounding hearts,

Depressing images,

Woeful faces

Hollowed eyes,

Trembling lips,

Shivering bodies,

Belligerent people,

Indecisive times,

Cruel decisions

Hasty agreements

Hostile neighbors,

Cynical fanatics,

Unrestrained hatred,

Hasty actions

Deadly impasse,

Impassioned appeals,

Dispassionate ignorance,

Strange thoughts,

Delayed help,

Tumultuous present,

Hesitant advice,

Suspicious intent,

Sympathetic few,

In vain wait,

Colossal loss,

Deserted houses,

Unsightly fields,

Grotesque stories,

Grim deeds,

Unpleasant rumblings,

Ghastly acts,

Menacing looks,

Cowering bodies,

Defiant spirit,

Unbroken courage,

Resilient community,

Heralding change,

Healing touch

Welcoming tranquility,

Cherished past,

Confused present,

Uncertain future,

Optimistic future,

Tremendous grit,

Triumphant conscience,

Building bridges,

Reinventing lives.

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