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Attract interested students of all ages and qualifications (specially participants with no formal university degree) to gain academic skills and a basic knowledge of the Panjabi culture in the field of their interest via short courses and seminars. Create content in various topics that increase the participant’s knowledge of Panjabi culture and heritage.

Participants from the General Public

These wide ranges of courses enable the participant to acquire a basic critical appreciation and help in developing their ability to discuss these subjects in a knowledgeable manner; and in some cases even become serious critical readers and blog writers, depending upon their personal goals and interest.

Currently enrolled or University Graduates

Since our syllabus covers topics which are not usually in any standard syllabus even university graduates who are already in these fields can enhance their current subject knowledge to help them find jobs in a variety of fields working as: scholars, editors, teachers, writers, book reviewers / journalists, historians and researchers.

The literature discipline explores the interrelations of literature with other kinds of and the visual arts. Disciplines similar to literature are history, languages and philosophy. Main subjects of courses in literature include: cultural and literature, topics in literary research, reading fiction, poetry, modern drama, classical literature, women's literature.

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